Evaulation Argument of "About a Boy" (with bibliography)

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About a Dramatic Boy

Special relationships are hard to find and keep, especially those which are brought about by deep events such as death. In the summer 2002 movie "About a Boy", Hugh Grant, as Will, and Nicholas Hoult, as Marcus, are brought together through coincidental events and find comfort and acceptance in each other. The movie crosses many genres such as comedy and drama. About a boy is a drama because of the serious relationship between Marcus and Will which is amplified by the cinematography, plot and characters. Their relationship is a prime example why it is a drama because of how their relationship progresses and changes each other and the people around them.

In the movie, during the dramatic scenes they do not play extremely dramatic music but instead make it light hearted. This does not mean that the background music makes the movie funny or not dramatic.

In one of the early scenes in the movie, Marcus and his mother, Fiona, are singing "Killing Me Softly" together with their eyes closed as Will listens. Will comments to himself how they were, "killing him softly" with their singing. There is more to this song than simply the awkwardness of Marcus and Fiona shown in their escape from reality by singing with their eyes closed. One main theme through the movie is loneliness (Biodrowski) and how Marcus and Will are alone then find each other to lean on for support. At the end of the movie Marcus decides to sing "Killing Me Softly" at a school talent show to make his mother happy, although it will be a complete catastrophe with his social life. Will finds out and decides to try to stop him, but is unsuccessful. As Marcus starts to get booed off stage here...