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Eveline By: James Joyce

"Eveline" by James Joyce is a short story about a young woman who demonstrates the pitfalls of holding onto the past when facing the future. The short story takes place in the early twentieth century in Dublin, Ireland. Eveline is our major character in the story and is in charge of taking care of two children and her abusive father, which is a difficult life for her to deal with. This is the promise she had made for her mother on her mother's death bed, to take care of the home and up as the new Mother of the household. When an opportunity of a life time is handed to Eveline, she has the choice of leaving everything in the past to escape and elope with her fiancé, Frank, a sailor, in Buenos Aires.

Eveline is a young woman who is scared because of her domestic life and it is the root of her leaving everything behind her in the past and the possibility of a married life abroad.

"The white of two letters in her lap grew indistinct" (Joyce, 2). This quote shows how Eveline is incapable to let go of family relationships with her father and brother. Her unwillingness to do so, despite her father's cruelty and abuse and her brother's absence, is the result of clinging to older, more agreeable memories. She imagines what other people would want her to do or will do for her. In her heart Eveline knows that she is all her father has, and would be ashamed at her decision to go abroad with her lover, who he truly disapproves of. Eveline dwells on herself between the call of home and the past and the call...