"Eveline", Written by James Joyce

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In this story, Eveline is in a predicament and has to make a very important decision at the last minute. She is faced with an awkward scenario and it takes her a while to come up with a conclusion that will be the best decision for her life.

When she was thinking about what to do, she was sitting in her window, tired, and watching people pass by. She was thinking of how the view used to be; a field where children played everyday. Just a few years ago a man bought the field and built houses on it. Eveline has disowned her father and her mother has passed away. All of Eveline's friends that she had grown up with had already moved away. These are all examples of the changes in Eveline's life. Eveline basis her choice of whether she should leave town with her new love or not on these facts.

Eveline wants to move away with her new love, Frank. She met Frank at a house lodge that she used to visit. Frank was very kind, manly, and open hearted. One of her favorite things about him is that he would take her places that she had never been before. The reason Frank was able to travel to so many different places is because he worked on a ship. Eveline's father and Frank had once gotten in to a quarrel and she had to see Frank secretly so that she would not get into trouble with her father. Eveline thought that Frank would be able to save her from her father.

When Eveline thinks about leaving with Frank, she thinks of how she will be leaving familiar things behind. Leaving things behind doesn't matter to her because she wants to explore a...