An Event That Changed My Life

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"Life is full of surprises" Our modern world provides us with numerous opportunities for worryJob security, our health, our families, money, terrorism and many more. People never get the word "worry" out of their lives and that includes me. I live with my worries. When my brother lost his company and my family went bankrupt, my whole prospective on life changed.

At first, my life has changed to become so difficult. Instead of having a prefect life, a great family with a huge house, nice cars, lots of money, and no worries. Now I have to worry about so many things. What I'm going to do? How life is going next? And how about my Mom, Can she face tomorrow? If my family would even stay together through these hard times? So many things came up in my mind. That changed my wishes.

Moreover, the horrible things that had happened to my family have changed me.

For example, instead of receiving care, support and encouragement from my family, now I have to face everything all alone. Especially, it's really hard for me to accept who I am now. "A poor person" isn't that? I'm not be able to do whatever I like to do or go wherever I like to go like before just because the power of money has already gone out of my sight. Not only do I have to deal with discrimination but also I have to try my hardest and not let any obstacles stand in my way at college. Because I know that is a way that has guided my life. Now I have to work part time for the school to earn the money for myself and study by scholarship. It can be difficult to 'keep going' - especially as...