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Mariah Bates


27 August 2014 Timid

A new house, new school, and a completely new atmosphere were ahead of my nine-year-old life. I had lived in the same house for what it seemed like forever and had attended the same school since first grade. I knew everyone. From January to December, my calendars were filled with birthday parties I had to attend. Performing in talent shows with my best friends Dezerey, Jasmine, and Nykchasia were a yearly activity at Garden Valley Elementary School. The Robinson Center's summer camp was mandatory for my big sister, Breonna, and me. I was used to familiarities like the Chihuahua that ran to the front of its gate and barked every time I rode past it on my sleek, black rollerblades. Those rollerblades made me feel untouchable, at ease and confident until I had to ride them in a new area, surrounded by new, unfamiliar people.

Close to the end of my fourth grade year, my mother told my sister and me that we were moving to Terricina Gold Apartments in Natomas. I did not think it was going to change anything. I was probably a bit excited for what was to come. I can clearly remember my first day at Two Rivers Elementary school being terrified. I believe that was when it first "hit me" that I was not at "home" anymore. My comfort zone left was tarnished. I remember having butterflies and feeling as if I was going to faint before I stepped foot onto school grounds. When I got to the blacktop all I could do was stand there in silence. The other kids were standing around in there cliques and it was obvious that the fifth graders controlled the far left gate on the...