Events that led to the start of WWII.

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There were many events that led to the start of the World War II. Some of these reasons are the rise of dictatorships in Italy, Germany, and Eastern Europe. After World War I there was a need of dictatorships. There were parliamentary governments that were set up in these countries but rarely lasted. There was a brief Communist agreement, like the military forces and rich landowners who got together to make the first European postwar dictator who was Admiral Miklos Horthy. In Albania, Bulgaria, and Romania, the kings also ran dictatorship. There was less democratic experience and severe economic problems. Many of the Europeans saw one-man rule as the only way to protect instability. To get back on track, Fascist dictatorships had a will to use military aggression.

Another reason that led to the start of WWII was the weakness of the League of Nations. To prove this weakness, the Japanese attacked and gained Manchuria.

Even though many members protested, this was the first direct challenge to the League of Nations. The United States did not join the League but had members from all major democracies that did. Other countries that showed the greatest threat to peace were Germany and Italy. The League of Nations controlled Japanese aggression, but didn't stand to enforce its decisions. Japan ignored protests and left the League around 1933.

One other reason was the failure to appease Hitler. The League's failure to stop Germany from rearming made Hitler take even greater risks. Hitler admitted that he would have backed down if the French and British had challenged him to war. Germans in the Rhineland changed how they marched toward war. This

Strengthened Hitler's power and prestige within Germany. There was a weak response by France and Britain to encourage Hitler to speed up his...