What events still holds Kennedy's "bear any burden" and pay all cost" in his Inaugural Address?

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President Kennedy once said,"Ask not what your country can do for you--ask what you can do for your country". He said that Americans would "bear any burden"; and "pay any price" for the cause of freedom around the world. Kennedy believes faithfully on freedom. For the freedom of citizens of United States and freedom of anyone living in the United States, no matter race, ethnicity, or religion, he fought for their freedom. There are many events that still holds true of what he said, about bearing any burden and/or paying any price. An example would be the Civil Rights Act of 1964, where Kennedy passed an act to prohibit discrimination in voting, education and the use of public facilities.

From 1960 to present time, Kennedy's statement has held true with many events. An event that still hold true is September 11th of 2001. On that day, America, was unsuspectedly attacked by Afghanistan terroists.

They high jacked and plane and crashed it into 3 different locations. One most important location was the Twin Tower in New York. Even though this happened, America and Americans beared the burden of the thousands of family members that died there. We also payed any price to try to capture the criminal mastermind, known as Osama Bin Laden. The price we paid was huge, from losing lives to huge debt. Even though we held such big debt and so much lives on the line, we stood strong and together, we Americans got through it.

Another event that held Kennedy's statement true is the War in Iraq. In Iraq, each day a life is taken, but that life is of a person that fought bravely for their country. Americans continue to join the Army and support United States, because it is "our" country. This is what...