Everlasting Nightmare

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The Everlasting Nightmare

Creeping slowly down the stairs I could see my own reflection in the candle I held ever so slowly ever so silently I moved forward. I could feel the stone steps below my feet and hear the barking of the hounds in the distance. I knew someone was in the castle. It was now a matter of weather the intruder was friend or foe. I went further down the stairs until I saw something that was covered in mud just oozing towards me. I felt like I should've ran but I was so afraid that I couldn't even do so, while the sound of the hounds got closer. Soon enough the hounds came in and tackled the oozing mud creature down. As they were digging the mud, I started to run but the dogs didn't do much they just flew off seconds after I started running. All they really did was get a bit of it off and I saw a part of a muddy shirt with a star and a moon, when it got up kind of like a wizard from a movie.

After that all I could think about was what happened last night. In school there was a new student that acted weird and didn't seem to want friends. Also at recess he attacked me for no reason. Then I started to wonder if what happened yesterday and the new student had anything in common, and those dogs why did those dogs save me? I wondered...

I was really started to go a bit insane. Then my friends said what's wrong but I didn't want to tell them about what happened and what I started to think so I just said, "I was just thinking about that new student he really acts weird."

"Yeah he is weird," they said to me.

The next day I was looking out for everything that could happen and then I saw the mud man or as I thought the new student again. This time I wasn't scared I was curious so I ran strait at him like a flying arrow almost sure of the results. I hit him right where his face would've been but my hand just went threw the mud so I tried again and hit something this time and saw his face. I noticed that his eyes where red but morphing into a normal color. Then he asked "Where am I?" I told him that he was in my ancestors' castle.

"Why where your eyes red" I asked curiously

He screamed, "Oh my god its happening." He took a knife and stabbed him self.

After That I woke up and heard the hounds barking again. It seemed like the dream was a warring or was it? I heard the intruder again and this time was ready at least I thought I was.

Once down the stairs again I saw him this time I did move I knocked him out and uncovered the mud to see nothing but him again as the hounds came closer again I couldn't understand any of this should I have left him awake or not what is his thing against me. Right then the hounds came in again and barley even gave me a chance to think as they flew at me and tore me apart. Again I woke up and heard it happing I kept thinking of what to do, was I really awake this time, would it happen again. So many thoughts at one time it made my head hurt as well as the thoughts of the hounds and the mental pain of when I got torn into pieces while it all made me think the oozing student came up the stairs and covered every thing and I know something would happen so I had to choices to jump up the window or let it get to me with all the things in my head I just jumped and hit the bridge went threw into the moat and drowned in a fast way at least.

Again waking up confused but now I knew that my only chance was to get out of harms way for now so I went threw the halls and down the stairs as fast as I could down into the basement and down the bomb caller witch was underground in a hidden entrance witch led quite far up to another ladder and another secret entrance or exit so I started on it.

By the time I was a the end I felt safe and read then I made my way to my best friends house his name was Bob I knew I could trust him not to tell anyone so I told him what was wrong and why I was there.

The next day we went to school together. Then again he attacked me but I just moved away looking into his eyes again they where red I kind of scared me. Without a change in his face while looking straight into his eyes how can he just look at him like that was all I thought.

Later I went back to the castle ready for the attack from him when he came it seemed like I knew exactly what to do. I put the dagger that he stabbed him self with away so I could've found out and had some animal tranquilizer for the hounds. When he came I hit him just like the first time it all happened and I asked "what's wrong with you and you're not going to kill your self I won't let you until I find out why I'm so important to kill and why you and those hounds are after me"

He started to explain to me that he was under a wizards spell to kill you but only at some times at some certain times I don't know why your important and those hounds I'm not sure but they may be another wizards but I cant be sure I suggest that you kill me before anything happens..........

I couldn't move it was weird I know understood all my assertors, those books, wizards I was now freaked out all I could've think of now was the books so I just took the dagger and stabbed my self knowing that the purpose of me was to correct my mistakes until the wizards are gone.

When I again woke up I grabbed those books with weird writing in the castle and ran threw the bomb cellar passage reading them for some reason the writing was possible to read for me I kept running until I tripped and those books floated. I got up on my feet took them and every second I understood more about this it seemed that I had wizardry in my blood and I was meant to finish what my ancestors didn't.

I read until I hit the ladder I took the books again and got up, hid them in a hallow tree and kept one that interested me it seemed to have the ability to make me take it and as I started reading it looked like it thought how to use spells I got up to Bobs house and tried to use my newly discovered powers.......They worked! I couldn't believe my eyes that I shove my hands and the book threw the ground. Now all that mattered to me was that if this was going to end up as a crazy dream or if it was real. I got to Bobs house again and told him every thing happened the same except that I practiced some wizardry along the way up until when he came. I asked him to things "what's your name and where can I find this wizard"

"Check all the castles and olden areas you can find since all I remember was stone walls there now you must kill me, oh and my name is......is....I don't know how cant this be just forget it I now must die" he said to me in pity so shamefully.

So I killed him with a spell and went to the tree to take the rest off the books and started my search for the wizard until I sensed something it felt like I was sure of something but what, I stopped and waited and saw something covered by trees and things it was a castle I went in to see nothing but stone and books.

Until I sensed something else something powerful so powerful it all became so clear that was the wizard I." followed what I sensed and ended up nowhere so I just went out and destroyed the castle.

As I started going I felt an even stronger force and finally came out the wizard and he asked "what's this for?"

"Trying to kill me" I answered

"What are you talking about" he said with such an evil voice. Right after that he cast some fiery spell witch I easily dodged and sent him one right back witch hit and sent him flying. After the feeling was gone and I thought to my self what could that have been he was so weak nothing of what I thought and right then I felt something hot hit me and drive me into the ground I must've got up I couldn't let it over take me it felt so weird but I just let something out it was something I cant explain it felt so peaceful so heavenly. While he let something out that was so corrupt, so evil, and so dark it just felt so not right. In about 2 seconds they collided and blew up right after I let another with hit him and made him be ripped into pieces that fell and let out a black light from each witch then called those hounds witch where no match for me.

And that was it threw everything I thought of in my head there was only one thing that I had stop for while I thought back witch was when Bob just had that look Bob.......how could it have been Bob it was impossible he was my best friend and now I was destend to kill him I couldn't live with it but I had to so I kept thinking, thinking of options over and over again in my head but nothing I guess my destiny was to kill him so it was then I must be done its my only purpose.

The only thing I ever thought of at this time was someway that could've prevented me from doing it but.....there was nothing at all to do.

So I ended up living with still thinking until I got hit by some weird force and I saw Bob so I was destend for it but I couldn't live with it so all I did was close my eyes and think off all the rude and corrupt people I've met in my life gathered up something to do and let go of the feelings in spell all at once all my angers, all my hates, all my disbeliefs, and especially the betrayal of my best friend then I just dropped knowing that I will mess up once more sometime and start all over in this ever lasting nightmare.

The End