Every Child Left Behind

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Tasha Smith

Machelle Diemart

English 1113, Section 315

25 September 2013

Chris Hedges explains in his article "Why the United States Is Destroying Its Education System" that those teachers who inspire children to think and help the young discover their gifts and potential are being replaced by young 22 year olds who teach narrow, standardized tests. Hedges discussed the public school issues with a teacher in New York who wished to remain anonymous. In the discussion between the two, it was discussed that what the teachers are doing is fraudulent, and in no way preparing the students for life in an ever more brutal world. But due to the risk of losing their jobs, they continue to follow the scripted test prep courses. These high-stake test scores may be worthless but seem to be mechanisms for undermining school systems and instilling fear for corporate takeover. Education isn't being led by educators; it is being led by financers, speculators and billionaires.

The anonymous teacher explains that it is dispiriting to know you are lying to the kids when you insinuate the reading programs and the standardized tests are preparing them for anything. But, you risk losing your job as an educator if you do not continue this lie. The main purpose of this testing craze is not to grade the students, but to grade the teacher.

Reformers believe that students are like plants in which you just add water and place them in the sun of your teaching and everything blooms. They come up with insidious schemes pushed as steps to professionalize the profession of teaching, which is insulting to both teachers and students. Reformers use merit pay for teachers whose students do well on bubble tests-better scores equals more money, poor scores equal less money. But not all teachers have...