Every organisation has to prepare for the abandonment of everything it does"( Peter Drucker). Discuss this statement in the context of change management and strategy.

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What is change management and strategy & why has it become compulsory to be carried out in organisations?

Management , in an organisation, is to make things happen within it in order to make it's goals and objectives achievable. Strategies should be implemented , decisions and actions should be taken from time on time so that the an organisation can remain competitive in today's globalized market & economy. Although , many decisions and some strategies do not lead to an organisation to change , there are many that depend on change management skills. Peter Druker's statement is viewed at the same angle by many other management consultants. The reality is that nothing last forever, it is just a matter of time before changes affect an organisation.

As demonstrated on the graph , in every organisation , a transformation stage is reached with time , whereby to sustain growth , survival and prosperity , the organisation has to adjust and adapt with environmental change and other external changes which have a direct influence as far as the future of the organisation is concerned.

In other words, when reached at the transformation stage , an organisation will not give up and move on. Instead , an organisation should be aware of when they are reaching such a stage , be ready to face the situation and give in ample time so as to effectively develop a new sigmoid curve , that is a new future. It should be noted that changes can be subject to adequate extra finance and resources. This is the reason behind why an organisation should always be prepared to embrace change. It should always have a continual focus on improvement , and must not rest on it's laurels and should thus not wait for the wolf to...