Everyday life in Germany and Holland for jews

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Life for Jews was very hard, especially during the great depression. It was a time for Jews that wasn't so pleasant. People were losing jobs and those who had children didn't have much food or clothes to wear and give to their children. The Jews were forced to live in the ghetto with their families. The conditions in these ghettos were very bad and children often risked their own lives to smuggle food into the ghetto in order to help their families. Many children were left in the ghettos due to their parents getting killed or being captured by the s to be sent to concentration camps.

Because Jews were captured and put into concentration camps, majority of them lived there their whole life. In the concentration camps, the Jews were worked like slaves to earn a living. They didn't have many rights either. During the night, Jews didn't have much to do.

All they could do was either read or speak in whispers.

At the Concentration camps, very young children and elderly people were immediately sent to gas chambers, where the s . Older kids and young s were kept as slave labor. The jobs people did at the concentration camps were from electrical work to carrying heavy stones to bury the . The laborers were kept until they reached a point to where they could no longer work. They were either shot on the spot or gassed.

As for Jewish children, some were forced to hide with their families in concealed closets, holes, or even sewers. Other children had to hide their identities by living with Gentile families or traveling through the country to find Christian families that would adopt them. Some had to conceal their identities because they blended with the non-Jewish community. Sometimes they lived with...