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-Year-round School Lets see what I have for homework today. I have a Government essay, article, and power point. I have an English essay, which was due yesterday. I have a health test and article due tomorrow. I have an honors biology test and notebook check tomorrow. I have an honors geometry quiz and I have to read for my parents. How am I going to do this, I have a two hour drivers-ed program that I am enrolled in. I have a guitar lesson, which I can't cancel now. Oh, and I have to go to the library and pick up some books and do some Internet research for government. Wow I have a lot to do, and this happens weekly and every day. School should not be year-round. Students need to have fun. They need to apply what they learn in real life, and they need to get ready for the future.

Students need to have fun in their lives. They need to have a break from long hard working weeks of school. Teenagers and kids would and will go nuts if they don't have a break from school. The three most common adjectives that describe school are, boring, long, and pointless. Adjectives like these repeatedly said can drive one person into complete misery. When a break is placed onto the calendar a person has something to look forward to. What they are looking forward to is fun. At least one thousand suicide attempts are made each year. These attempts are caused and ignited by school, and how much hard work it puts on a teenagers life. One hundred of these attempts are successful (www.teencentral.com). In my opinion, if we had school year-round these rates would go up.

"Mrs. R, please don't be offended by this question,