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A Summary of "Everyday Use"� Alice Walker's short story "Everyday Use"� reminds us of what an ordinary black women was like while raising a family. Miss Johnson, a mother of two daughters; raised, Dee and Maggie, but were two completely different people. Dee is the oldest and is portrayed as a goddess in the wrong time. She is light-skinned and with a full figure. Maggie, the youngest, was burned as a child and has a bit of a limp. She is a little shy and knows that brightness has passed her by. Miss Johnson is the mother who is telling the story. She is a big-boned black woman, who was blessed with her manly size, that allows her to do hard manual work. The setting seems to be a farm tended by the mother. She lives in a tin roof three-bedroom house. It has no glass windows, just cut out holes.

The story begins with mama waiting in the yard, that her and Maggie swept clean yesterday afternoon. Dee is coming home to visit today, after promising she would no matter where they lived. The mama starts daydreaming about how the child who makes it, thanks their parents. She daydreams about her and Dee together on a T.V. show where Dee is in and thanks her for everything that she has done for her in the past. Back to the real world, Maggie is hiding behind the door and asked mama how she looks in her pink dress. Mama says, "Come on into the yard,"� walking over to mama, she remembers when the house burned down, Dee was happy; she really hated that house.

Mama starts talking again when Dee pulls up. She couldn't see clearly, but knew it was her when she saw...