Everyone Else Has A Dream Too is the name of the essay and its points out that there are other groups of people that deserve recognition for thier suffering.

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'Everyone Else Has A Dream Too

How many times is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s "I Have a Dream speech read in school? Chances are the answer is at least once for every year of high school, and that is an overload. Everyone knows that the African-American race endured tons of hardships in the past, but the way that it's crammed down the throats of American students makes them believe that the African-Americans were the only race to face such problems. There are plenty of other groups of people in United States history that were persecuted because of their race, creed, or gender.

The earliest of these groups is the first groups of people that the Europeans met when they settled North America, Native Americans. The Europeans invaded their land, introduced diseases like Syphilis, and took advantage of the Indians. The settlers perceived them as savages who need to be "saved by God," and if they didn't convert, they didn't deserve to live.

Instead of receiving sympathy in modern times like the African-American race, the Native Americans are still being used as villains and savages in Hollywood. How many Indian "Dream" speeches are read in school?

The Indians weren't alone. Catholics know all about being persecuted. One of the major reasons why North America was settled was for religious freedom; however, when the Catholics arrived on American soil, they found out that the religious freedom was only for the Protestants. Just because the Catholics believed differently, they were jeered upon. The only place that accepted them was colonial Maryland, which gave religious freedom to everyone. How many Catholic "Dream" speeches are read in school?

The women of the United States were shafted for years. Matter of fact it took 144 years before they even gained the right to vote.