Everyone has a theory about who was ultimately responsible for

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Everyone has a theory about who was ultimately responsible for the untimely death of the young love struck couple, Romeo and Juliet. However, in my opinion, there is more than one perpetrator and I plan on presenting the many different options. Although there are many people that could be held accountable for the demise of Romeo and Juliet, we will ultimately leave the final decision up to you.

Perpetrator number one is the Apothicary. "put this in any liquid thing you will, and drink it off; and if you had the streangth of twenty men, it would dispatch you straight" is what the Apothicary said befor handing Romeo the poison that would be the death of him. Now, the poison is what officialy killed Romeo and because of Romeo's death, Juliet commited suicide, howeverthere are reasons that Romeo went to the Apothicary that are the fault of others.

Therefore, even though the Apothicary sold Romeo the poison, its not necessarily his fault.

Perpetrator number two is Balthasar, one of Romeo's own Montagues. Balthasar diliverd the news od Juliets "death" to Romeo in Mantua, resulting in Romeo's purchase of the drugs from the Apothicary to kill himself. Therefore, essentially it is Balthasars fault for the death of both Romeo and Juliet but there is still more behind the story so maybe Balthasar isn't the culprit afterall.

Perpetrator number three is Juliet. Now you might say how could she have caused the death of Romeo, but basically she did. The substance she received and drank put her to sleep for a lengthy period of time. When Balthasar saw her and thought she was dead, he immediately reported to Romeo and you know what happens from there. But is it really Juliets fault? What about the man who gave her the potion, Friar Lawrence? Perpetrator number four is the holy man himself, Friar Lawrence. He is the one that gave Juliet the sleeping concoction which caused the havoc ahead that you allready know about. But where did he get the concoction from and why did he have to give it to Juliet in the first place? There are actualy more then a few reasons that the Friar felt obligated to plot a plan and give Juliet the potion to drink, which brings me to the next possibility.

Perpetrator number 5, is the Capulet family. Lady Capulet and Lord Capulet were trying to force Juliet into marrying a young wealthy man named Paris. This is why Juliet was forced to see the Friar because her parents could not know about her marriage to Romeo, a sworn enemy of the Capulet family. But even then, is it there fault for the suicides of the young couple, or does it go even further then this? In conclusion, you could keep going back and back and find Benvolio and Mercutio at fault for taking Romeo to the Capulets party, or even Paris'e mother for giving birth to him. Really, you could pick any character in the story to blame for any given reason you could imagine, but try to think of it this way: no matter who you pick, can he or she really be held accountable for someone else's action? word count: 534