Everything has got a moral, if only you can find it.

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An evidence of the fact that in reality we are surrounded by different kind of signs and messages, how to make our life better, more successful and more interesting, is literature. Reading in general, is an important skill to acquire information, and it gives us the access to analyzing and enjoying life. The experienced reader almost always will be able to see what the author wants to tell us. Moreover, the message of the author may seem different to each of us, and in most cases it is normal, because we all are different. The ability to find the theme of the text and understand the goal of the author is essential for a normal reader.

The term of a "moral", which we think that we can find almost in every serious piece of writing, should not be mixed with the "theme" of the text. Such terms as "moral", "lesson" and "message" are acceptable almost in all fables, when readers simply are forced to think and believe in what the author clearly states at the end of the story.

Speaking about the other fiction, nor we can find the moral in a one clear sentence, nor we can find the theme of the text clearly stated. Not always we can say that the most important goal for the author is to teach his readers and regard what happened in the story to their lives. More often authors of the interpretive literature are writing simply to tell the reader about the existence of such life situation and leave the author with his own thoughts and judgments. Furthermore, it frequently happens with inexperienced readers that they as if try if the story fits to their reality. In this case, it is better to ask "What the story reveals?" than "What the story...