Everything to Nothing

Essay by dailydream04 March 2004

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Opening up the garage that houses my car, I noticed nothing but the bright yellow Mitsubishi Mirage centered on the pavement. The color of this car can only be compared to the color of the sun at noon. Depressing the button to the alarm on my key chain, two beeps of an aggravating sound was heard from blocks away. The locks on the doors quickly unlocked without hesitation. As I pulled the handles to open the door, I smelled the scent of my car escaping through the air as if it needed oxygen. The smell of various berries came to mind as I took a deep breath. Placing my right foot on the filthy mat that floors the car, I felt the mat slowly drifting away from me. The spikes from underneath the mat have been worn way from previous years of abuse from myself and other drivers.

After lounging onto the chair, I glanced at my keys and started the ignition to the weak 4 cylindered engine.

The roaring sound of my exhaust trembled the entire garage and filled the air with fuel scents. The CD player stared to play music like it had a mind of its own. Staring around in my car, I noticed nothing but all the junk lying around waiting to be thrown away. The solid white dashboard housed many dust particles that could only be seen in the glare of the sun. The dashboard, side door panels of all four doors, and middle console were all painted solid white. The chair were all gray with a hint of blue racing across from stripe to stripe.

Overly priced books were already paid for so I had extra money left over. I told my mother all I wanted were some chrome rims and Yokahama tires from...