Everything That Rises Must Converge

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A Contrast and Comparison of Everything That Rises Must Converge The typical new world parent-sibling relationship existed between the two main characters in the short story Everything That Rises Must Converge. The author, Flannery O'Connor, depicts this relationship exceptionally. She displays the extreme contrast of the generations and the old worldviews that enrage the son. The main characters, Julian and his mother, never seem to understand each other and each one does not realize the others personal position on the times.

In this story, the mother does not realize that the times are changing. While on the other hand, the reader is led to believe that young Julian is completely aware of the times and that the black and white races are converging in society. Julian is the typical college graduate, establishing his independence while paying close attention to the world around him. However, his mother is fixed to old worldviews that blacks and whites should be separated from each other, putting blacks on "their side of the fence."

Although dominated by the mother and son opposition theme, the story does have some comparative moments. Julian was drastically separated from his mother by his new age point of view. However, both characters wanted Julian to succeed and make some money. They both believed that college was a stepping- stone to wealthy future and Julian's mother had faith that her boy would succeed. She comments, "I think you're doing fine. You've only been out of school a year. Rome wasn't built in a day." Julian's mother is still trying to be a Chestny, the upper class family in which she was raised. However, she no longer has the goods to raise her family like she would have wanted. She still believes that Julian was brought up successively. She believed...