Evidence against Global Warming

Essay by kevinxiaowis February 2006

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Some scientists say global warming is a big problem. Why? Not because its going to warm up the earth because it soaks up trillions of dollars into a problem that is actually good for our world. If you ask any kid around at high school they'll tell you that carbon dioxide is taken in by the process photosynthesis and is changed into oxygen. If carbon dioxide levels increase wouldn't plant productivity rise with it also thus we have more oxygen. In a petition by the Oregon institute of science and medicine around 18000 scientists that are wholly against the Kyoto protocol. The richest and fossil fuel burning countries signed the Kyoto protocol to just cut down the production of greenhouse gases and burning fossil fuels. Quoting from an article from their petition it concluded,' 'Predictions of harmful climatic effects due to future increases in minor greenhouse gasses like carbon dioxide are in error and do not conform to experimental knowledge.'

In other words the theory of global warming that says it will cause climatic catastrophes because of not very important greenhouse gasses are wrong and it cannot be proved with experimenting.

If you ask why most people have been taught to believe in global warming and scientists agree with them is simply a similar situation that has happened before. For example according to a paper on politicized science it says to imagine a new theory. It is being taught to every student, it is reported frequently on many types of media, it has support and the approval of famous scientists, politicians and other important figures and furthermore it is being researched in renowned universities. Everything was supporting this theory. Every person that objected or tried to debunk it they were shouted at ruined and were called ignorant fools. Yet...