What is evil?

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We are all led to believe in the concept of evil without question. The definition of such a concept is more varied than the flavors of Baskin Robins. The definition all depends on the experiences and morals of the individual. It seems that the general accepted form of evil is merely created by society, which is always correct.

Evil is what is bad. Some would say that abortion is evil, others would say it is just. Others will condemn those who practice something evil, making the ones doing the condemning evil in the eyes of those being condemned. If you follow that train of thought, you will soon realize that somewhere along the line, there is nothing that is not the slightest bit evil. A baby is cute and innocent but certainly not without evil. That baby could more than likely be produced from rather indecent fornication. Pretty flowers are always nice but they have thorns and sometimes poisons.

If you think about the other way, there is good in everything also. Crisis always has had some positive effects spurring from it. Deaths often bring the living closer.

The whole idea is just merely and purely a construct of the human mind. In nature, with out humans, there is no use of good or evil. Life is simply life. The thought of evil forces us to think as the world and our lives as a constant struggle between good and evil. Why must we live in constant struggle? Is there such thing as the world being in more evil than it was before? If there is evil, I would say it's safe to say that the balance is always constant, because for every action, there is a reaction.

Why must we make things up and then live by them? Why are we slaves of others' ideological hullabaloo? I myself choose to not base my existence on some concept that was created chiefly to condemn certain enemies. If there is any evil, I would say it is in the creation of the idea.