The Evil Among Us

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The question is, can you make full reconciliation of past evils that you've committed? In one of the cases we'll study the offenders attempt to elude the law of a past murder and cover their tracks, thus attempting to escape their judgment. In another case, a town forms a lynch mob to kill three innocent men on nothing but a rumor, only to find out that the rumor was a falsity. Although there are two different forms of evil that we are going to study, yet they are evil just the same.

The thing that most people find so appealing about the passion of a group following is the acceptance, and sense of belonging. In most cases the majority can deceive and make waver even the elite. In one example a man uncovers a plot to a past murder and desires to see justice served. In another example, a town mob decides that they are best fit to take the law into their own hands, and with hearsay as their only evidence, the mob ends up lynching three innocent men in the process.

In the first example, there was no question that a wrong had been committed and a punishment must be dealt. But in the second example it would seem that it would be easier not to get involved, than to try to interfere with the aggression of a large mob.

It is obvious that in both situations there is evil to be spoken of, but evil can appear in many forms and infect us in different ways. In the world today it is good to have proper ethics and an understanding that every choice you make will have its repercussions. For those who refuse to act in situations of crises and claim to be blissfully neutral are no more than cowards. One has to have a good conscience and an honest sense of duty and honor, not only to his fellow man but also to his God.

Sometimes wrongs can't be corrected; can a life be taken and returned? In the first instance the lack of remorse insures the offender no redemption. And in one example of the lynch mob, the leader chooses suicide rather than life with the consequences of his acts. A contrite attitude may mean redemption in his own eyes but nothing more, if a life can't be replaced than how can one be redeemed and maintain a spotless conscience, answer not plausible.

The fact is that evil will never go away, we all must understand that everything in this world has its opposites. Pleasure and pain, virtue and vice, these are some of the choices that make up our way of life. As far as righting a wrong deed, it depends if you are looking for recognition with man or with God. With man you must hope that the one casting judgment is an honest and noble judge. But if it's God in whom you hope to reconcile with, no one can honestly claim to have the authority to make such a judgment, so choose wisely.