Evil and Suffering

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In this essay I will discuss the issues of evil and suffering, speak about their origins and try to prove that they have serious reasons for existing. In my opinion people sometimes misunderstand their nature, so I will also try to familiarize you with my understanding of that issue.

Before we start analyzing the issues of suffering and evil let us answer several questions. What is evil? Can it be understood? Can it be forgiven? What are the differences between good and evil? Bible teaches not to do any harm neither to self, nor to others, not to commit any evil deeds. So we can say that evil is all those things, which God doesn't want to happen, but which are happening, so in that sense evil is very close to sin, and God hates sin, therefore he hates evil. But why then he allows evil happen? Let put this question off for a while and answer another one.

Do we know what is suffering? Is that punishment for our sins? No. "Suffering is permanent, obscure and dark, and shares the nature of infinity"� William Wordsworth wrote. Let me underline this phrase "shares the nature of infinity". God is infinity and infinity is God. Thus, suffering comes not from God, but from something that shares his nature. Lucifer. Evil. When we are ill body temperature is rising, we are feeling weakness and pain, immunity tries to fight illness and illness fights back. Sin is a sort of illness; it overfills our environment and tries to corrupt us. But a part of God, the Holy Spirit in our bodies fights it and evil strikes back. That's why Jewish people were suffering, that's why thousands of believers were suffering and that's why Jesus was suffering.

"They spit on him, and took the...