Evil Everyone?

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Evil Everyone?

Evil personality refers to someone acting morally wrong, bad, or someone immoral. This person is marked by anger, irritability, or irascibility (the free dictionary). Fortunately, not everyone shows at first this trait of character. But, according to religion and some philosophes as Hobbes, there is evil in everyone. Moreover, history examples have shown how humans can act violently and almost as an animal. But, does violence mean evil? One thing that everyone agrees is that not everyone looks to be evil. Therefore, if evil is in everyone that means that is can be either hidden or unveiled by the intermediate of a second personality. This double personality is source of many disorders which are important in the understanding of how can evil be in everyone. Otherwise, people leave in society with rules that they have to follow. This society can be corrupted and therefore use propaganda or put in place illegitimate rules.

Consequently, if Humans follow rules from such government, will he act evilly? Otherwise, government whose purpose is to maintain order, freedom justice, and equality try to lead fair rules and justice. People can think that if a person follows such rules and acts in a moral way, he is free from any kind of evil side. But, does that mean that they do not have a bad or evil side hidden? Is there Evil in everyone? There are 5 mains points that argue the fact that evil is in everyone. First, there is a religious point of view. Then, Hobbes's philosophy will be discussed. In a third time, the importance of mind control by propaganda and the Nazis example will be discussed. Otherwise, different multiple disorders as schizophrenia or Multiple personality will be discused. The last argument will show that the justice is not...