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Nguyen Nguyen

Professor Callum

English 100

21 April 2014

Marijuana - The evil weed

Imagine that you are living in a world where many people blindly and freely smoke marijuana despite its harmful effects, where the adolescents immerse themselves in smoking marijuana all day long just to look "cool", and before they know it, they have formed an addiction to it, where the number of car crashes increase rapidly due to driving under influence of marijuana, etc. All of them will constitute such a disordered society. There has been a considerable debate weather marijuana should be legalized. Opponents argue that marijuana should be considered as a kind of medicine; the marijuana use among youths is declining, and legalizing marijuana will reduce drug violence. However, marijuana should still remain illegal because in fact, marijuana does not only cause many physical and mental disadvantages, it is also a gateway drug that leads to the use of harder drugs and contributes to poor academic skills, and medical marijuana legalization in many states also undermines the rules of federal law.

First of all, there is a variety of physical and mental risks associated with marijuana use. In discussing the physical consequences of marijuana, Farrell argues: "Perhaps the greatest misconception from the drug legalization community is that marijuana can treat symptoms or illnesses which themselves can be the result of marijuana use" (72). This argument presents the fact that many people do not have the proper awareness of the health problems caused by marijuana. Consequently, the more people use marijuana as the treatment of their diseases, the more severe those diseases will become. Proponents argue that "marijuana is less harmful than the currently legal tobacco products, especially cigarettes, and "cannabis' ability to temporarily alleviate various disease symptoms - such as the nausea associated with...