Evils Of Environment

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Evils of Environmentalism The environment. Defined as the conditions which one is surrounded by. The complex physical, chemical and biotic factors that act upon an organism or a community. A deep concern for the environment by a quantity of people has formed Environmentalism. There are many that regard environmentalism as a movement for cleaner water and air for the betterment of the future generations. This however is an obvious yet unknown cover. Environmentalism regards man as a spreading cancer that must be eliminated at any cost. Environmentalism is actually a movement against man?s achievement. It is the work of misguided madmen whose whole movement contradicts the benefit of it?s own kind.

There is clear evidence of this disregard for human life. An obvious example is their campaign to ban DDT, an insecticide. There is a valid argument that there are long-term effects of DDT, but what about the people who suffer from malaria.

Malaria?s statistics are shocking. Since its beginning in the 1940s DDT has prevented the deaths of about six hundred million people, an average of ten million lives being saved every year. When Bulgaria banned DDT in 1993 the malaria increased to 90%. In it?s introduction in India in 1960 it reduced the amount of malaria victims from one million to one hundred thousand in one year. Every year about half a billion people are infected with malaria, and several million die. What?s worse, most of these are children1. These people should at least be given the choice whether they want to risk getting the ravaging shot-terms effect of a deadly disease.

Environmentalists are not only against DDT, but also against all insecticides. Their long-term aim is to stop all use of insecticide worldwide. This would cause disease and deaths of enormous quantities worldwide. But...