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"Evita" On May 7,1919, in a small town called Los Toldos, Eva Maria Duarte was born. Her mother was Juana Ibarguren. Before Eva, came Blanca, Elisa, Juan, and Erminda all the bastard children of Juan Duarte. Juan Duarte died on January 8,1926 in a car accident. In Argentina the funeral must take place 24 hours after the death, so Juana took her children to pay their last respects. There are different versions of what actually went down at the funeral, but one story informs that Eva and the rest of the children were forced to walk behind the legitimate children of Juan in the funeral procession. How could anyone know at the time what an impact little Eva would have on her husband (Colonel Juan Domingo Peron), her country and the world? When Eva was 15 years old she was given the opportunity that would change her life forever.

Through the famous tango singer Agustin Magaldi, Eva was able to move to Buenos Aires. She was able to land a small part in "La Senora de Perez", a comedy starring Eva Franco. Later several other small parts presented themselves to Eva. However after her love affair with Emilio Kartulovic sparked she landed many parts that had been off limits to her, received respectable modeling jobs and took some small roles on the radio. Later after starting a relationship with a wealthy soap manufacturer she landed a huge role on "My Kingdom of Love". After an earthquake devastated San Juan, Argentina in 1944, Eva was invited to attend a charity benefit for the victims. At the benefit she met Colonel Juan Domingo Peron.

At the time Peron had a young mistress living with him and could not decide what to do about her. It is said that Eva simply...