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If I was told to stop teaching evolution or any other subject I wouldn't stop teaching it. Instead I would fight for the right to teach it the way Bert did in the movie. I would try to stand for what I believe in, without breaking the law. Unlike Bert, I would try to find the most competent lawyer with strong beliefs, rather then sitting around waiting for one to show up. Eventually, if they were to threat me that they would put me in jail for a long time, I would still continue fighting, for my beliefs because you can't just give up something you believe. You must always pursue your beliefs; even they lead you in the opposite direction. At end you will see that the consequences may be good or bad.

In the movie, Bert suffers many bad consequences for what he believed in and taught.

I think that basically he just wanted to make his students have an open mind to understand and just wonder about many things like how we came about. I don't think he wanted to

change their mind about how they thought about God; he just wanted to put more ideas in their heads to make them ponder. Like Burt, I would've done the same thing by just trying to expand my student's minds and make them think about the unknown.

I would teach the subject knowing that I could be put in jail, because I would want my opinion to be heard and acknowledged by some people who were willing to defend it. I would want my students to think about how species appeared and evolved over the years. In order for me to continue teaching it, I would need to have a strong belief about it like...