evolution of australian biota

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Evolution of Australian biota

Due September 1st

Gather first hand evidence of variation in one Australian plant and one animal species.

Callistemon comboynensis otherwise known commonly as the bottle brush

Clay and heavy soil tolerance is medium/ well drained, it can with stand medium conditions of the coast, medium tolerance of droughts and is ever green but only flowers in autumn and early winter. The colour of the plant is bright red. Irrigation: some species of the plant including this one do not require watering once established, it suits most soils, though it does require water over long and dry periods. it can handle low temperatures as low as -7 for a short amount of time but will get foliage damage after long periods, With high temperatures it will withstand up to low 40's degrees Celsius for a short amount of time, if you want to fertilize the plant you have to use a low phosphorous fertilizers with supplements of iron to prevent the yellowing of the leaves. It is best suited...