The Evolution of the Automobile

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The history of the automobile dates back well over a century ago. Without cars, the world today would be quite a different place. Society would be remarkably less developed and the chores of daily life would be that much more complicated. It became, and still is, the most widely used form of transportation. Everything from the very first car has its special place in history, because the devolvement over the years has been colossal. It was a marvelous invention with a remarkable impact on the World. The industry as a whole is continually persistent in staying on the cutting edge. The automobile reigns as the most significant invention to date and is continuing its lead today with cleaner, more efficient fuels. Worldwide use of these resourceful fuels will hopefully dominate over the standard gasoline powered vehicles in the imminent years. This demonstrates how determined the forces of the automotive trade are; always developing new ways to illustrate the credibility of this fantastic creation.

The automobile was not invented in a single day, by just one inventor; quite the contrary. Countless people, in the 1800's and throughout the 1900's, are acknowledged in the formation of the car as we know it. It is estimated that over 100,000 patents are recognized as a contributing part in this construction. The history of the automobile reflects an evolution that took place worldwide, in an industry that will never abate.


In the very beginning, cars were actually not even powered by gasoline. They, in fact used steam. This was a system that did not last very long, but is important to mention because its' contributing factor in early automotive development. Steam engines powered cars by burning fuel that heated water in a boiler creating steam that expanded and pushed pistons, which turned the...