The Evolution of the Cruise Missile

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INTRODUCTION1.While unfolding the pages of history, it becomes evident, how with the growth of civilization, the concept of society came into being and then Village, State and Kingdom emerged with mutual friendship and enmity. In the event of clash, two groups had exchange of attacks and counter-attacks and invention of new ones added more and more fuel to the flame of war. But the situation of the world today is entirely different than the ancient days, thus in modern perspective, the concept of weapon and the weaponry system needs new dimensions every next day. This is the reason why every nation either big or small, technologically advanced or crippled one, tries her level best to arm herself with the most modern weapons.

AIM2.The aim of this paper is to apprise all about the evolution of cruise missile and its capability.

DEFINITION3. A cruise missile is a pilotless jet aircraft equipped with internal navigation capabilities.

It has been defined as “ a guided missile, which uses aerodynamic lift to offset gravity and propulsion to counteract drag”. All or a major portion of the cruise missile’s flight path remains within the earth’s atmosphere. A cruise missile can be either armed or unarmed, either remotely piloted or self- guided. The cruise missile may be armed with either a nuclear warhead or conventional munitions. An unarmed cruise missile, called a “drone”, is sometimes used for reconnaissance, for electronic warfare such as jamming radars, or as a target for testing surface-to-air or air-to-air missiles.

GENESIS AND EVOLUTION OF CRUISE MISSILES4. The primitive days of human beings on the earth might have been followed by struggle – a struggle for existence. Initially they had to count upon their strength of muscles, teeth and nails but after the invention of fire, they could get some...