Evolution of Government Questions

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Evolution of Government Questions

a. How did religious persecution in Europe influence colonial attitudes and governments in North America?

Religious persecution was the reason that many of the colonists moved to the Americas. The right to practice there beliefs how they wanted was paramount to the way of life of the colonists. The freedom of religion allowed the colonists to establish a new way of life centered on their beliefs. While many of the colonists were Christians, other religions also sought freedom from oppression in the new world. The people enjoyed freedom of religion so much that it became part of the government.

c. What were the attitudes of each of the European nations toward their North American colonial subjects and the Native Americans living within their borders, and how were these attitudes reflected in their treatment of those subjects?

The way that the Europeans saw the Americans was as uneducated Frontiersmen.

The saw them as subjects not equals there fore treated them badly. The Europeans tried to control the colonies by imposing taxes and tariffs on goods. The attitude was that Americans were a lower class and should be treated as such. Native Americans were treated even worse than the colonists. They were seen as lower than the low class Americans.

e. What factors led the American colonies to declare their independence from Great Britain?

There were many reasons that the colonies declared their independence from Great Britain. At the top of the list was the Taxation on the colonies without proper representation in parliament. Along with the Taxation were the trade restrictions and tariffs. The English believed that the colonies should only be able to trade with England. For these reasons, the Americans declared their independence and began the Revolutionary war.

g. What problems did the United States...