Evolution: Mastery Of Deception

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America is giving in to spoon-fed propaganda that has been taught for decades. Students are being indoctrinated from kindergarten on the topic of the origin of life. Students need to be presented with all major theories on this subject in order to preserve the American school system. Otherwise, science classrooms become the tool of the evolutionist, and the brainwashing begins. To explain their theory to young minds evolutionists use deceitful topics and give one-sided opinions in the textbooks.

The geologic column is a fallacy in textbooks needing to be taken out. Charles Darwin once said, "The geologic record is extremely imperfect"¦he who rejects these views on the nature of the geologic record, will rightly reject my whole theory (Sunderland 11)." Decades later and scientists have ruled out the possibility of such a column (Creation; Wysong 312). Evolutionists piece together this hypothetical column from all over the world, not finding a significant portion anywhere ("Reasons"; Sunderland 48).

Teachers fail to explain this major detail about the column. Another alarming enigma to the column is undeniable findings of many polystratic fossils. These fossils (mainly trees) are found standing upright through the supposed million year old rock (Creation; Morris 325; "Reasons"). Only two explanations can be given through evolution. Either the tree grew through 50 yards of rock looking for sun; or the tree stood for millions of years and did not decay (Creation). But this is not in textbooks because students will begin to question textbook legitimacy. Another false aspect of the geologic column is the way it is dated. The rock layer is dated by the index fossils, and the index fossils are dated by the rock layer"”a case of circular reasoning (Morris 312; Wysong 354). Furthermore, common index fossils (another useless dating method) such as the trilobites and the graptolites...