Evolution of Riddles.

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Riddles are amazing things and today they play a major part in our society. Where and when did they come from, nobody knows. I, myself belive that riddles started all the way back with the cavemen. I can easly picture them drawing pictures on the walls of caves, pointing and gruting the whole time. Next came the Egyotians, they were a great socity and develped the first writing system. Most certanly they dealed with riddles. And belive me they did. In fact they explored riddles on the highest plan: Death. Yep, I bet their Book of The Dead would make an intersting read, maybe. Now the Romans came, in all their glory. Yes they spent a lot of time killing people but I am sure they liked to do other things. I can imagne a Roman soilder walking onto stage:

"Ladies and Gentilman thank you for coming to my show tonight.

So what happens to people who refuse to submit to the Roman armies... they die." Laughter from all over the crowd.

Of course that is a joke but how could jokes exist without riddles. I am sure you have heard of the Rosetta Stone. That two was a huge riddle in history. Plus I have some very interesting ideas about what was written on there. But that is straying off the point so let us move on. We will jump around a bit, to later on in time. Partly because going through every major socity in history would take to long and partly becuase my knowladge of them dies out there. So we will go to the American Revolution. I have some inside knowlagde that the motto was life, liberty and the pursuit of riddles. I also belive that the American Revolution was won by Genral George...