What is evolution? What species orginate from evolution and what species have remained the same?

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Evolution can be applied to the origin of many species while natural selection provides a formula to select the most suitable species in a particular habitat. Competition challenges would require each species to produce new defenses against diseases, climatic and against other species in Macro evolution. Micro evolution is the continuous genetic modification and diverging distinguish feature among species and related species. Due to the adverse geographic conditions and prolonged time apart would encourage more diverse species to emerge, at the same time the ancestors recognition would be less obvious with each successive species. Convergent evolution in theory would encourage infinite different characteristics produced from the same ancestors. Natural selection theories reduce individuals' differences while maintaining a higher survival rate for individuals who express advantages characteristics due to the competition of survival inside the whole ecosystem. Analogy evolutions ensure different species would develop from separate ancestors, so more varied species are unrelated and variety intra specification would also branch out from a particular ancestor.

Captive breeding of related species cannot reignite previous species product due to prolonged length apart. Natural selection just refines the lottery system to provide a neutral field for all species to coexist. Evolution is the result of each species' ancestors who pioneered their future generations' destiny to diverge from being common to being unique and become specialized.

Convergent Evolution promotes similar abilities among generations of species but sometimes they are not as obvious. The ocean surrounding Antarctica, fish have a special trait which allows them to survive the big chill. As scientists discovered in the 1960s, the fish have adapted by evolving a kind of antifreeze. (Atwood 1998) It's composed of molecules called glycoproteins that circulate in the blood of the fishes. Fish at the other end of Earth, in the Arctic, also have antifreeze proteins.