Evolution of Theoretical Knowledge of nursing

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The ultimate goal of the nurse is to maintain, and restore the health of the patient. Nursing is considered both a "science" and an "art". The application of nursing knowledge and the technical aspects of the practice is considered the "science". The establishment of a caring relationship through the application of nursing knowledge and judgment is used in a compassionate manner and is seen as an "art". (College of Nurses 1999 June Nursing and You Volume1, number 3 p3)

This paper will attempt to explain the four concepts of the nursing metapardigm as it relates to the person environment, health and nursing. A person is seen as an individual possessing their own uniqueness, personalities and having their individual needs. A person should be treated with respect and dignity regardless of their cultural, religious, socio-economic class, marital status or sexual preferences. The individual should not encounter any bias or discrimination in school, employment or when the need arises for medical care.

Each person has their basic needs that must be met while progressing through the different stages of development. One should be given choices, and be allowed to have an input in their care or treatment plan. They should be allowed to excel and strive to achieve their goals. Be able to reside and work in their chosen location and field as long as they are qualified for the job.

They are usually part of a family belonging to a cultural group, living within a community or region of their choice. The environment can be open or closed. It can contribute to the building or endangering of the persons self esteem. One might adapt to the environment depending on one's personal preference. A person might be seen in the eyes of others as the product of their environment that might be...