Evolution is a theory that is widely accepted throughout science.

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A human being is a creature with delicate movements and unpredictable intelligence which fades away with the ceasing of the heart beat. The ancient methods for the conservation of those traits can be seen in written texts and the practice of research and visual arts. Human evolution, meaning the biological and cultural development of the Homo sapiens, therefore, has emerged. Throughout time, evolution mechanisms have been developed to account for many barriers faced by evolutionists. The current goal in genetic research is for creating an extension of human life; human beings intend to have inexhaustible resources as well as an inclination for longer, healthier lives.

Human evolution seems to have reached a level that allows for endless possibility in this respect, such as via gene therapy, organ transplants, and various life-prolonging advancements, but some major issues have never been addressed. One of the most utterly enigmatic topics present in humanity is the evolution of humankind itself: the genetic screening for cloning.

The undetermined science of improving intelligence and having infallible remedies for diseases has not yet been made absolute, so many evolutionists and researchers hope the physical body and functional organs can be retained over a longer term for the purpose of further, later investigation. This intervention should not focus on the humanistic issues; that is, some conservatives argue about the inhumane matters of human cloning, and it is criticized because it intervenes with the balance of nature. People can never "stand by a tree stump, waiting for a hare," which means that people cannot just wait and see when they will be challenged by other species who are current less effective to nature than human themselves. They have to improve their designed theory of "survival of the fittest" to the extent that they can ensure their existence...