Evolution vs. Creationism

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Evolution versus Creationism has been a huge debate for two centuries now with proponents and opposition on both sides. Evolution is defined as a change in characteristics or traits through successive generations. Creationism is the religious belief in one all mighty deity who created the universe, Earth, and the lifeforms therein. As science advances so does our understanding of the surroundings in which we live and the other beings in which we share our Earth with. Is that to say that religious belief cannot hold true or that they are converging into one incredible and elaborate explanation of life, the universe, and everything through the idea of evolution and natural selection.

The main idea of natural selection shows us that through time an organism through some good or bad mutation with change and the most beneficial characteristics will go on to future generations. Generally a scientific hypothesis, if it seems sound, will be the general rule until it is disproved.

This idea of natural selection has held true for more than 150 years.

The genetic diversity that exists today is incredible. If you look at a specific population, monitoring it through time, you will see that there could be things, genetically, that change from generation to generation. In that lies the problem of everyone believing that natural selection does exist and controls our growth and development. We are beings ruled by time and that time is limited where we cannot fully see these changes propagate through time. Is that to say it does not happen? No, if we were to only believe in what we see, our imaginations would be stifled and people might not believe in one almighty God.

What is our role in natural selection? How do we change things that could effect future generations in...