The Evoluton Of The Snakeboard

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evolution is the process of change in a certian directon. A snakeboard is a board that has a snowboard feel. The persons who invented the snakeboard lived in South Africa. They were attending collage in South Africa attending collage, however,they lived in North America attending collage their whole lives, exept while in collage. They wanted to make some sort of board that had a snowboard feeling. The two basiclly built the board useing trial and error.

They built many prototypes until one thought "why not take two kicks of a skateboard and drill them to a metal bar then put straps on the kicks." There was the first snakeboard. That was in the lat 1980's.

In the early 1990's the two men got a patent and built a company and now have a profesinal skateing tour. The new boards do not have metal, they are made of a new age material called "zytel" a plastic rubber mix.

The first types of snakeboards were just kicks of a skateboard with a metal bar in the middle. Little did the man know they were on a goldmine, Now after a few years the two men redesigned the board and redesigned the strapping to a new type of binding. Yes, it was a new type of board, but it was still the same old roller skate wheels.

The boards at the time were only for cruising because they were not tough enough. But after redesigning the boards agian, they were finnally tough enough. Thats when a group of people got extreme, and thats where the real fun begins. After a while the compny came up with a profesinal tour, and thats when things really started to evolve.

You see, the people on the tour needed something that was much more extreme. So the profesinals talked to the designers. and from that point on, we have had the best snakeboards ever.