What exactly do you call charity?

Essay by jasmin621 December 2008

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What exactly do you call charity? Giving off money, making you look nice, losing some of your allowance? Do you really think that the poor are worth your months’ allowance?I have seen a lot of charity works on the streets, especially during the holidays. Passing by, I also contributed to some charities. Gave my share of the money that the older relatives gave, did the food drives; I saw people just passing by, and also ones that put few quarters in the coin drive.

Many times, the millions of people that walk in Seoul just pass by people who are begging for money, for their lives. Those people have despair and agony shown clearly on their faces. By the way they are behaving, I could tell that not many have gotten something throughout the month, let alone that day. The heartless people, job machines, walking back and forth and really not seeing anything; self-absorbed, cruel robots who don’t contribute to anything but themselves.

Is your share of allowance or minimal part of your income really worth the people’s lives? Don’t you feel anything when you see those people on the streets? Imagine it’s you on the street and no one is really paying any attention to you, let alone giving money. How would you feel? The 100 won is not worth much to you, but it is worth very much to the ones in poverty. The people in poverty, people on the streets – their lives are more important, much more important than your minuscule share of your money.

Let me repeat this over. Do you feel anything when you see those people? Don’t you feel horrified at yourself that you just passed them by and made them starve again? Giving a little, even a 100 won or 500 won makes you feel like you did a change to the poor people’s lives. And you did, of course. The little share of your money can worth very much to those poor people. So think before you just pass by the beggar, and put yourself in the situation next time. Charity is worth while, and a beacon of hope in those poor people’s minds. It is like given a cup of water when you were suffering in the Sahara Desert for a month. Please. Do not just ignore the poor on the streets next time and give them a token of hope, a token of your kindness.