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History Study Notes

Time Line

1896-1911- Laurier Era

1914-1919- World War I

1921-1929- Roaring Twenties

1929-1939- Great Depression

1939-1945- World War II

1946-1968- Canada's Coming of Age

1968-2000- Canada in the Global Village

Why Study History?

1.Natural Curiosity


3.Interest group

4.History Teaches Lessons

5.Perspective-no bias

6.Practical Skills

Primary and Secondary Sources

-Primary: first hand evidence, raw material in history. Ex. historical photos, paintings, old tools etc.

-Secondary: second hand accounts of the past. Ex. biographies, history books, web pages etc.

Defining Moment

-is an event/action/decision that results in a significant CHANGE for a person or country

Immigration/Discrimination at the Turn of the Century

-Clifford Stifton was the minister of Interiors

-He had an open door policy and Indian affairs

Want Immigrants to: farm, continue building railways, industry (wheat-bread)

How do we get them here: free land, religious toleration, can speak your own native tongue/ethnic groups have the right

-African, Italian, Asian etc, were not welcomed in Canada

-They wouldn't make good farmers

-Not easily become absorbed into Canadian society

-Chinese had to pay $50 in head tax in 1885

-Raised it to $100 in 1900

-Raised it to $500 in 1903

Boer War 1899

-war between Britain settlers and Boer's (Dutch)

-Britain asked Canada to send over troops to help them

-French Canadians=no, English Canadians =yes

-Compromise: volunteer troops (mainly English)

Naval Crisis 1909

-Britain vs.


-Race for largest navy

-French Canadians=no, English Canadians=yes

-Compromise: Canadian's made boats and would lend them to Britain in times of need

Alaska Boundary Dispute 1867

-USA bought Alaska from Russia

-Gold Rush in Yukon

-Americans said that it was part of Skagway, Dyea and Juneau

-Canada said no

-Compromise: they went to court where there were 3 American judges, 2 Canadian and 1 English...