An examination of the current management practices adopted in the park, considering the issues and how they impact on Noosa National Park, impacts on econimcal, environmental, social.

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The purpose of this report is to examine the current management practices adopted in the park, consider the issues and how they impact on Noosa National Park. Issues need to be addressed and to determine how to best sustain the park for further future use. Using environmental, economic and social implications to determine an appropriate cause of action and choosing a management plan that would best manage this resource.

1.0 Introduction

Noosa National Park is a beautiful protected nature strip that is visited by over 1.5 million people per year. Although, because of this, it is and will slowly start to degrade, as it is not sustainable. It cannot cope with the heavily dense population visiting per anum and something must be done to sustain it for further use, before it becomes unmanageable and no long visitable.

Using the three criteria of environmental, economic and social implications, a best option management plan will be selected to help further the sustainability of the park.

2.0 Methods of research

Information was collected through the use of surveys, informative talk by the park ranger, actually going to the park and observing, photographs and Internet research. Each student had to survey five people, (which combined with the class gave 100) and then the data was collaborated into one survey of results. A field trip was taken on the 17/05/05 to Noosa National Park to examine the impacts on the environment, and the most visited spots. Photos were taken of the damage caused, popular spots and major areas. Internet research about the park and how it came about to what it is...