Examination mal-practices and how they can be curbed.

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There is no doubt that examination mal-practices have devalued the

worth of

our certificates. It has become a malignant tumor that has defied the


of the surgeon. Experts have written on this issue and solutions


but it was taken with levity. The examination bodies know that they


lost the battle against all forms of mal-practices. They know resort

to the

cancellation of results and this makes many innocent people suffer.

The solution to the problem of examination mal-practices should start


the grassroot. Good teachers should be employed in both primary and

secondary schools and they should be well paid in order for them to be

dedicated. There should be no mass promotion of students. Once a


fails his examinations, he should be asked to repeat the class no

matter how

highly placed the parents may be.

The teachers must cover the syllabus and the students have to be given

assignments from time to time.

These assignments must be corrected by


teachers. Teaching facilities have to be provided. Students have to


all relevant textbooks. A class should not be more than forty students


order to enable the teacher supervise the students and mark their


When the students are well taught, they will not engage in examination

mal-practices. Only the students the authorities deem fit will be


to the final year. The student has to pass English and Mathematics in


penultimate year before he or she is promoted to the final year class.

There is no use presenting two hundred candidates for an examination


only one hundred students are likely to pass the examination. This is


of the causes of examination mal-practices.

Names of examination cheats and their photographs should be published


they should be...