Examinations should be maintained.

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Do examinations cause in schooling an threaten creativity? Some education experts doubt the value of traditional exams and advocate alternative assessments, such as projects, interviews and teacher observation. However, despite there drawbacks, examination should not be abolished. They are essential for two reasons: to monitor learning and to encourage children to study.

Some argue that examinations induce stress , and threaten self-esteem and intrinsic motivation. However, competition and stress motivate all humans everyday. Likewise, self-esteem is based on a sense of achievement and having the ability to do things.

Examinations do not inhibit learning to be creative. In fact, creativity cannot actually taught or learnt. It is traditional academic and technical skills that enable people to express their innate creativity.

Traditional tests have been used for centuries throughout the world and across cultures. Parents, employers and the public expect them. Empirical evidence shows that thay are a valid measure of real world conpetency.

Furthermore, standardised tests enable us to detect learning difficulties in particular children, and monitor teffectiveness of schooling throughtout a country.

Perhaps most importantly, examinations encourage children to study. The motivation that they provide is as beneficial as any. Students are provided with a clear time frame and a clear target for their study. They anticipate the pleasure of successful and the disappointment of failure. This is exactly the kind of structureand guidance that children need.

If we abolish exams we lose a valuable way to monitor learning and encourage children to study.