Examine the incident in which Catherine and Heathcliff go to Thrushcross Grange and are attacked by the bulldog. Discuss the significance of this incident.

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Chapter 6 is quite a key chapter in Wuthering Heights. In this chapter, Hindley is now the master of the heights, and he married Frances. It also begins Hindley's degradation to Heathcliff. Heathcliff has taken on role of narrator to Nelly, telling he and Catherine's adventures at Thrushcross Grange. After that Heathcliff was ordered to stay away from Catherine by Hindley because of the adventures at Thrushcross Grange.

This incident has often focused upon the differences between Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange. "ah! it was beautiful - a splendid place carpeted with crimson, and crimson-covered chairs and tables, and a pure white ceiling bordered by gold, a shower of glass-drops hanging in silver chains from the center, and shimmering with little soft tapers. " The cultivated, civilized and cheerful atmosphere at the Thrushcross Grange is compared with the cold, gloomy and joyless of the Wuthering Heights. "'Cathy and I escaped from the wash-house to have a ramble at liberty," said Heathcliff.

This incident at the Thrushcross Grange further emphasizes the class differences between Catherine and Heathcliff. After their quarrel over the bulldog, Catherine is invited to stay in the Grange and treated as a princess by the Linton family. "she(Cathy) is so immeasurably superior to them (the Linton) - to everybody on earth," But Heathcliff is not being invited and even has been asked to return to the heights. "Robert was ordered to take me off. I refused to go without Cathy; he dragged me into the garden, pushed the lantern into my hand, assured me that Mr. Earnshaw should be informed of my behaviour, and, bidding me march directly, secured the door again." said Heathcliff. When he's back to the heights, he tells Nelly that The Linton has made a "distinction between Catherine, a...