Examine the positive impacts that Trans National Corporations have in LEDCs in which they operate, giving specific examples.

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Nike, one of the biggest Trans National Corporations in the world, based in Portland Oregon, now has factories in over 100 nations worldwide, most of these, of course being LEDCs.

China's 9.8% of annual economical growth is the result of TNC's such as Nike building plants in China, one of them built in Yun-nan province in southern China. The plant there has brought jobs to many people that otherwise will have no hope of any income due to lack of education or even manual labour skills. The workers here are paid around 2RMB a hour, and usually work 80 hours overtime a month. With all of this in consideration, they get paid around 600-700RMB a month. ($75-80) Which though is not much; it is enough to feed a family in poorer regions of China, where these plants are usually built. This is good for Nike for in US, they would have to pay a worker no less than $5.50

per hour, 22 times more than that which a Chinese worker receives. They would also have to pay more on maintenance and spend more money on more environmentally friendly machinery, where as in China, these are not an issue after a nice banquet at the Hilton hotel with the head of the environment department of Guan Yu district. Another pull factor to these Nike factories is the experience and training the people receive, which makes it easier to find jobs elsewhere. After the completion of the Nike factory, Guan Yu district in Yun-nan province experienced a sudden increase in the number of paved roads. One villager was asked how he felt about these new roads, he replied, " I am very happy that the government is paying more attention to us, before, my donkey used to experience frequent injures due...