"Examine The Relevance of MBA studies to Management Effectiveness"

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The MBA degree made its first recognition in the 20th century in the United States of America. The Tuck school of business in USA was the first management school that presented the Masters degree in the commercial sciences, the ancestor of the MBA that is known today. The executive MBA program was firstly appeared in the 1940 in graduate school of business, University of Chicago, (MBA History of MBA, accessed 2008).Today MBA degrees is being offered world over. One of the main objectives of the MBA programme is to prepare graduates for a successful career in business.

The question today is the relevance of MBA studies in relation to management effectiveness. "Management education is the mechanism for transferring the knowledge (the academics in higher education) to the persons desirous of receiving that knowledge (students) (Dean Elmuti, Can Management be taught pp.439). Mary Parker Foller defines management as "the art of getting things done through people" and Drucker (1974, pp.40-4)

defined management by three general tasks which management has to perform in order for an institution to function and to make its contribution;Define the specific purpose and mission of the institution;making work as well as the worker productive andmanaging social impacts and social responsibilitiesThis paper is a review of the literature concerning management education with emphasis on the Masters programme in relation to management effectiveness. It looks at the pros and cons of the Masters education. It looks at whether the programme is career oriented and whether the programme has value to management effectiveness in the practical world. This paper is thus based on a variety of inputs, as well as an examination of relevant papers, articles, journals and reports.

According to Longneck and Ariss(2002), management education is beneficial to organisations because an effective management education program can help organisations...