“Examine the ways in which state policies/laws may affect family life”

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AS Sociology Essay

"Examine the ways in which state policies/laws may affect family life".

In this essay I will be writing about what changes state policies and laws have made to the society and how they may affect family life by doing so. There are many policies/laws out there that have had an effect on family life and one of these was the 'Child Support Act' which led to the formation of the 'Child Support Agency'. Other policies/laws include the Family Law Act of 1996, Rewarding marriages with tax breaks, Working Families Tax Credit, and the attempt of the removal of child poverty. Among this I will be talking about the new right theory and their points and views on the family and what laws should be put in place.

One of the Conservatives policies that were passed in 1991 was the Child Support Act which then led to the formation of the Child Support Agency.

What this policy aimed to do was reduce the amount of fatherless families by forcing absent fathers to pay a certain amount of money for their children that they've left behind. The government thought of this as a good idea as it would reduce the amount of welfare payments being giving to lone mothers therefore helping the economy. However this didn't really benefit love mothers as the money paid in from the father would be deducted from the mother's benefits so she would be receiving exactly the same amount. As a result, this policy didn't have a major effect on family life although it may reduce the amount of fathers that walk out on their families. Another one of the Conservatives policies this time introduced in 1996 brought about a period of wait that a couple had to undergo before they could officially...