Examining chloroplasts

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To look at the cells from a water plant and to show its chloroplasts.




Elodea plant

Water Dropper

Cover slip



1. prepare microscope and lamp

2. take a leaf from the water plant and put it onto the slide

3. put 2 drops of water onto the leaf

4. carefully place cover slip over the leaf

5. carefully study the leaf on a low magnification then work your way to higher magnifications


I would not expect an animal cell to look like this because animal cells co not have chloroplasts which means they can't be green and they have bones so they don't need or have a cell wall to give them steady support.


I learned that all plant cells are green because they have chloroplasts inside them.

I had trouble getting the cover slip onto the slide because air bubbles kept getting trapped under the slip.

The most interesting thing for me was the fact that chloroplasts made plant cells green.

I solved the problem of the air getting trapped under the cover slip by placing 2 drops of water on the slide which forced out the air bubbles

With practise using the microscope and slides I could improve the way I study during the experiment.