This is an example of contrast and comparision essay:The difference between my parents'attitude and mine on life

Essay by chim0bay February 2004

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All of my life, my parents are the great shoulders for me to lean on. They share the happiness with me, comfort me whenever I am sad, they are the people who always catch me everytime I fall. However, , my parents and I do not have the same attitude toward my studying, my relationship and money. The contrast in our attitude makes our life, more or less, complicated but interesting.

First, my parents and I have different ideas about studying in the college. From the start, for my parents' attitude, studying in the college means only books and grades. They said to me as I was a freshman, "When you receives your degree, we want you to be able to get a job that will support yourself. We also want you to have grades that will make you a realistic candidate for that job. Don't make college life a waste of time".

It means I will spend most of my time in the library, attend all the lectures' hours, study hard day by day and at the end of the semester, I will have to show them my high grades. Following their advices, I do not have free time for myself, I can't take part in any extra -curriculums such as sports, art and literature activities or even a small birthday party held in the dorm. My parents call such things above " the useless-and- waste-of time". Waste of time and useless? Not on my life. How can I waste time with so many new ideas to learn and all the interesting and open-minded people to meet in these activities? How can learning to see the world in a different way and leaving college with a new outlook on life be a waste of time and useless?. In...