Example Essay of an Advertisement Deconstruction: Jergen's Ultra Healing Lotion.

Essay by iamagirl December 2005

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In terms of women and sex appeal, the world of advertising has changed a considerable amount. Many of the advertisements which are seen in newspapers, magazines, and television fail to portray women in a more positive light. The image of females in numerous advertisements are merely viewed as fascinating "objects" while they are also being displayed in a fashion that is supposed to appeal only to men, i.e. exploitation of the body. Though these types of advertisements are very effective at selling their products to consumers, it seems as if the minds' of women, especially younger women/teenage girls are being corrupted as they are pressured to live up to the ideal image: sexy and thin with a little extra curves.

In an advertisement for 'Jergens Ultra Healing Moisturizer', sits a gorgeous middle-aged women whom is dressed a bit provocative wearing a tight fitted and shortened dress, complete with a set of laced heels.

The woman has one hand polishing down one leg while the other hand rests upon her thigh. Although this ad was intended

for the purpose of selling moisturizer, the image of the woman takes up more than one half of the page, while the actual product's size and placement affects the ability to even recognize what the advertiser is trying to sell. But who cares? Of course the advertiser does not appear to since his/her product is being replaced by the image of a skin-revealing-beauty. It is the advertisements like those which are always enough to catch the attention of many consumers.

On the top corner of the ad the text reads, "Smooth skin is in" which is implying that you should buy this product because apparently everyone else is doing it plus it is okay to look and feel like "everyone else". The text in the...